Andromeda Gardens

A footpath in the Andromeda Garden near Southern Palms Beach

Located between the parishes of St. Joseph and St. John, and a mere 300 yards away from the rugged and unspoilt Atlantic Ocean on the East Coast. The six-acre plot boasts over 500 distinct species of plants, with a plethora of flowers such as frangipani, bougainvillaea, and the giant Mexican sunflower, fruit trees such as breadfruit, Barbados cherry, and banana, shrubs, and even a succulent garden. With over 90 plant families, it is one of the most diverse gardens in the world that exists in the tropical climate.

Whether a guided or self-guided tour, at the beginning of the walk, you will be given a brochure which will help you identify the name of each species, as well as provide extensive information on the garden's history and its interesting facts.

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